About Azeem

Azeem Kayum suffered a spinal cord injury at birth that resulted in severe neurological damage. He continues to defy all the medical and educational medical odds. Azeem is a motivational speaker who addresses students, educators and employers with the hope of changing attitudes about those who are differently capable.

Azeem was inspired to write his autobiography as a result of all the social challenges (ostracism, bullying etc) he faced during his academic years.

Wrestling with the Goddess details the candid, personal journey of one man’s struggle with a debilitating and chronic illness, the insurmountable challenges he faces and his eventual realization that first and foremost, he must believe in himself.

Most human beings strive for greatness in their lives. Azeem Kayum’s only wish is to be normal. After suffering a spinal cord injury at birth that results in severe neurological damage, he must begin to deal with a disability that impairs his verbal and comprehension skills, and also leaves him with the inability to reason and process information quickly.

Confronted with constant social, academic and physical challenges, Azeem must frequently remind himself that he is not a quitter and soon learns that his pure zest for life will help him overcome countless obstacles. Without realizing it, he begins to achieve greatness through hard work, courage and a dogged determination to not only survive, but also thrive, despite all odds. Azeem’s story is an eye opener for those who consider themselves normal and undoubtedly a wonderful inspiration for others with disabilities.

Azeem’s message is simple. Reach for the stars. They may seem far. Persevere and you will get there becauseanythingis possible with the right attitude.